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RE: Point labels on a stacked chart

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You can control the PointLabels attribute on a per-series fashion and use the PointLabelMask to change the point label string shown in the chart

' Pass Random Data

chart.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES,2,4

For i = 0 to 1

For j = 0 to 3

Chart.ValueEx(i,j) = Rnd() * 80



Chart.CloseData COD_VALUES

Chart.Stacked = True

Chart.Series(0).PointLabels = False

Chart.Series(1).PointLabels = True

Chart.Series(1).PointLabelAlign = LA_TOP Or LA_CENTER

Chart.PointLabelMask = "%T"


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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Conversation: Point labels on a stacked chart

Subject: Point labels on a stacked chart


I am using the pointlabels property to show the data values

on a chart. I am using a stacked style chart, with about 6

series, and would like to know how you can just show the

one TOTAL value for each column in the chart.




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