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Strip Chart, continuous update of data ??

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I am about to purchase CfxIE 2000, as it seems to have most of the features 

I am looking for. The one thing that I would like to do is have a chart

continuously update from SQL Server data, showing a sliding window of data.

Does anyone know if this capability is available through the ActiveX

components or is there another way to do it with CfxIE 2000? The only

current solution I have is to have the .asp page refresh at a given interval

and recreate the graph each time. This will work, but is not a very elegant


If the above question does not make sense, here is what I would like to use

it for.

I am building an intranet application using an IIS 4.0 server and IE5 as

clients which will allow

users to view real time scientific data on board one of our Research

Vessels. As the ship is moving, data is collected from instruments (water

temperature, etc.) every 10 seconds and placed in an SQL Server 7.0

Database. I would like to build the client such that it has a graph that

shows each paramater in near real-time, updating the recordset every 10

seconds with the newest datapoint. Any ideas?





Jim Rich, MCSE, MCP+I jrich@lumcon.edu

I.T. Manager

Louisiana Unversities

Marine Consortium

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