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We are working on a ChartFX data provider that will be able to read charts from XML. We plan to use a schema that matches the name of the properties we currently support because this will allow us to support new properties without changing the XML provider.

We are evaluating adding support for XML in two scenarios

a) To read all the properties of a chart from XML, this would allow the use of an XML file as a template

B) To read the data (values and labels) from XML as opposed to a CSV. In this scenario we could use a predefined schema such as the one generated by database engines (SQLServer, etc.)

We are open to any suggestions/ideas.


Juan Cegarra

Software FX, Inc.


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From: Michael W. Thomas [ mailto:michael.thomas@exodus.net]

Posted At: Wednesday, March 01, 2000 1:50 PM

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Conversation: Chart config in XML

Subject: Chart config in XML


We are writing a wrapper around CfxIE that will allow us to store all chart

configuration settings in XML. The wrapper will read/write XML and

configure the CfxIE server object appropriately. I was wondering if

SoftwareFX is working on similar functionality for a future version of

CfxIE, and if so has a DTD/Schema been defined? Does anyone have a

recommended schema for storing chart configuration?


Michael Thomas

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