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RE: Generating a chart with large data set.

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All you need to do is set the ChartType to LINES and turn off the CS_SCROLLABLE flag using the style property. 


Juan Cegarra

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From: Ravi Madhira [ mailto:rmadhira@even.tamuk.edu]

Posted At: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 10:48 AM

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Conversation: Generating a chart with large data set.

Subject: Generating a chart with large data set.


I am trying to plot some graphs using a data set containing about 7000


I want the graph type to be a line graph, and should be able to view it

without scrolling.

(I have enclosed a sample chart drawn using Excel)

Data base: MSSQL;

Inteface: Visual Interdev

CFX 3.5 version

Can you help me with it.




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