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Re: CfxIE2000 Multiple graphs/min/max values

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Is there any way to get the real values, it seems like it is not calculated 

in a "nice" way as I have one recordset with minimum of 0.008 and maximim of

0.6 and that works fine goes from 0 to 0.6

but then I have a recordset with minimum of 7.9 and max of 21.8 and that

takes 0 as minimum (bit too low) but gets the maximum OK (22) and then I

have another recordset where the real minimum is 2.13 and real max is 9.23

however your component takes 0 as min and 10 as max and that's quite OK, but

the graph itself is built with 100 as the max value ????? - bit weird

so I would rather get the raw value and adjust it myself.

looking forward to your reply



Juan Cegarra <JuanC@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> MaxValue = Chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Max

> MinValue = Chart.Axis(AXIS_Y).Min


> Please note that we added code to calculate "nice" min and max values so

> the numbers you will get are not necessary equal to the min and max

> values in the data set.


> Regards,


> Juan Cegarra

> Software FX, Inc.

> http://support.softwarefx.com



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> Hi Juan,


> Thanks for all your help so far, here is another one for you.


> I get my resultSet (recordset) and assign it to the chart object:


> chart.AdoResultset rs


> then I want to find out what the minimum and maximum values are but

> don't

> want to run another SQL against my DB

> is there a way of quering the chart object to get these values?


> Thanks,

> Filip


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