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"Downloading License" Message Is All I see

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My charts fail to appear 90% of the time when using the ChartFxIE 2000 

software. I see a message "Downloading License" and then the Active X

object seems to hang. This happens even when passing the simplest of charts

(an example from your Help file).






<!-- #include virtual="/Include/CfxIE.inc" -->


Set ChartFX1 = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.WebServer")

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES,1,5

ChartFX1.Series(0).YValue(0) = 30

ChartFX1.Series(0).YValue(1) = 76

ChartFX1.Series(0).YValue(2) = 43.5

ChartFX1.Series(0).YValue(3) = 90.75

ChartFX1.Series(0).YValue(4) = 12.5

ChartFX1.CloseData COD_VALUES


<%= ChartFX1.GetHtmlTag(300,300) %>



Could it be a problem with the server? Is there anything I can do to speed

the downloading of the license or the drawing of charts etc.? The same code

seems to work on another server that is on the local network.


Casey McKinnon


613-721-7747 ext. 286

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