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Dear John,

As a rule, the regions in the map where we expect data to be passed will

either have the applied color from your conditional attributes.. or the

DefaultAttribute color. I am guessing in your case you don't have any data.

Unfortunately, the way the maps coloring engine works causes your problem.

Originally, we do infact parse the color out from the path node if it looks

like this style="fill:#5D6B7C;"

However, when we apply the colors to the map regions we then set it to the

color from the DefaultAttributes.

A good example of polygons on a map where no data is expected to be passed

is the Airplane.svg map.

You will see at the top of the SVG there are several path objects that have

no corresponding text node. They also are not part of any special group.

So, if you wish to dynamically color regions it must be done using the API.

Hope this helps.


"John Nelson" <jnelson@innovasi.com> wrote in message


> Is it possible to get the MapFX control to use the colors that are set

> within an SVG, or do they have to be set dynamically when the SVG is

> loaded into the control?


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