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Clicking on a region in the active client will not fire any postbacks.

You need to handle everything using hyperlinking.

For some samples on how to do this scroll down to my response to VM whose

original post was 5.13.2005.

You would do this using the Map.Link.Url property.

There are three keywords you might need to put into your URL to have the

region name entered into the link:

$DataText - will be replaced with the DataText which comes from the Data (it

may not be different)

$Name- Will be replaced with the text of teh MapRegion as it is displayed on


$SVGText -will be replaced with the SVGText for the region

$Value - will be replaced with the numeric value for the region that

ultimately caused a color to be chosen.

$Values -will be repalced with all the numeric values for the point as a

comma-delimited string ( if one series it will be same as $Value)

Hope this helps.


"Frank" <frank@thedefalcos.com> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I can't seem to find the section of the documentation that describes

> making a map interactive through the web browser. For example, a user

> clicks on a region causing a post back event with information on which

> region the user clicked on.


> Frank


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