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Migration SN issue of without Internet enviroment!

Johnson Huang

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Hi Felixt & all Chart FX 8 Support:
This is engineer Johnson, from AHA Computer Co., Ltd. Hope you well.
AHA Computer is your reseller from Taiwan, and help user order this Chart FX8.
User's problems/request as below:

Because of the computer upgrade, we need to uninstall the previously installed Chart FX8 from computer A, and then install it to the new computer B, both of which cannot connect to the Internet.


We removed Chart FX8 from computer A through Windows Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, and there was no error or prompt message during the removal process.


But when we want to install Chart FX8 to the new computer B, we reuse the License registration used by computer A, but receive an error:

The serial number you have supplied has already reached the maximum number of installations allowed for it.


It is speculated that during Uninstall, because our computer cannot connect to the Internet, it is not connected to the Chart FX management system, and the license has not been released correctly.


Could Felixt & all Chart FX 8 provide fix solutions ?


Beside, I already create a ticket on 8/28 for this issue, link:




It has been no update for almost a week for no supprt assigned this ticket!
User is push us for provide reply & fix solution soon.
Thank you for confirm & reply very much.
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