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Histogram settings

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First of all, forgive my rusty english.

I'm developing MES/SPC Systems with ChartFX Statistical extension.

And now I'm working on the UIs for SPC Analysis(X Bar R, X-Rs, Histogram).

But, I'm in toruble with histogram. I can't control the X-Axis to my taste.

The chart(distribution curve) inclines continuously to one side and the hole

chart can't be shown.

( I wanna make it shown to outside of 3-sigma. in short, WHOLE CHART!!! )

And also I want to vertical LSL and USL lines shown in the chart.

How can I make it on center and shown entirely?

How can I add vertical spec limit lines to the chart?

Anybody knows it?

Their examples are too poor and simple to use and apply.

Somebody help me please. I have no time to lose.




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The histogram class (statistics.Gallery.Histogram)  has a DataMin and 

DataMax property that allow you to control the range shown (X-Axis). By

default these values are calculated as the Min ad Max of your data.

As for adding LSL and USL simply add these as Studies

(statistics.Studies.Add) , there are many samples that show how to do this.

These studies require that you set the LSL and USL in the calculator object



Francisco Padron



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