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First a want to thank you for quick and  good answers

I have on question about Price studies

When I draw a Closing price chart I can choose a Price Studies. For example

I want to show moving average for last 200 days. The first 200 days in my

chart have wrong moving average because the data is not available. Is it

possible to show the put data for 200 day before the chart starts and not

show it on the chart, so the calculation for price studies are right?

Best regards


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Hello again

I have few more questions i attached a picture to explain

I am trying to adjust the component to my language.

- When I open up the Finacial legend on the rigth side bar thera are few

Categries (Prices study, Tecnhical studies ... and so one ) how do I change

this text?

- When I clear the chart this text appears "No Data Available" is it

possible to change it?

-In my Intradaychart I am trying to let the PriceTitleMask show me time as

well as the date .. I have tried to change the %T character with no success.

What character should I use ore how do I display the time? the code:

mainFinancial.Gallery.Analytical.PriceTitleMask = "Dagsetning: %T Ver

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