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Event on a marker

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I am using your code example to putt a marker on my price chart.

string dividendsIcon = System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath +


DateTime dt = new DateTime(2005,3,5);

financial1.Gallery.Analytical.ClosePriceSeries.Point[dt].Picture =


financial1.Gallery.Analytical.ClosePriceSeries.Point[dt].MarkerShape =


financial1.Gallery.Analytical.ClosePriceSeries.Point[dt].MarkerSize = 6;

This works fine, no problems but i need to show some info on the marker and

when the user press the mousebutton I need to open another form.

- Is it possible to set a tooltip when the mouse enters the marker

- Is it psooible to have a event when the user clicks on the marker

Is this possible?

Best regards


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