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Gantt Chart Need More..

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> Gantt charts in ChartFX are really not Gantt charts, more like bar charts.

I agree, Gantt charts in Chart FX are pretty basic, not comparable to those

in MS Project, however, there is a lot of flexibility in our API and even

when these features are not provided "out of the box" they can be

implemented with a little bit of coding.

> How can I get ChartFX Gantt charts to show more like say something in

> Microsoft Project with 'percent complete' bars inside of each bar, and

> connecting dependancies.

'percent complete' can be achieved by crating an additional series on top

of the activity series. Use the Volume property (Series object) to make this

series thinner. Use the Cluster property (Chart object) to superimpose them.

I'm not very familiar with project. What are "connecting dependencies" ? It

sounds like lines connecting one bar with another. You can achieve this

using annotation objects or by adding a Line series (depending on the

definition of these lines).



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