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Adding Series after chart has been created

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Here's what I got now. I create a line chart with 1 series in it. This 

series has 44 values. Later I try to add another series but this time it

only have 18 values. Once the last value is drawn, the line drops to 0 and

draws a line from 19 - 44 as 0.

(see attached)

I'm using COD.Value | COD.AllocHidden | COD.Unknown for the OpenData &

CloseData when I'm adding the 2nd series.

"Joe" <JBonavita@dontspamme.TheBonavitas.com> wrote in message


> If I add a series (Line) to a chart and the new series has more data

> points

> than the original one, the additional datapoints show as 0.


> Do I have to reset the series that's already there?


> Thanks,

> Joe



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