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Double Bar PointLabels going behind upper part of graph

Jim Prucha

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Hi All,

We've been using ChartFx 8 for quite sometime but just had an issue arise when data points become small on the lower part of the double bar graph.  If you look at all three images you can see the original as it puts the value of the point on the lower half but raises the graph so that the whole graph fits, then you can see when the lower graph is large enough to put the point values in correctly, and lastly as I try to move the point values up they slide underneath the upper part of the graph.

I have tried using the SendToBack() and or BringToFront() functions on the upper/lower series but to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the lower point values to appear just above the lower part of graph so it would be just above the bottom of the blue series?

Thanks in advance,





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