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chartfx and Mono

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Our recommendation for non-Windows environments is Chart FX for Java which 

offer virtually the same capabilities Chart FX for .NET offers.


Francisco Padron


"Freddi Gaisler" <FGaisler@freenet.de> wrote in message


> Hello,


> have someon ever tried it ?


> Thanks


> Germany


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 I tried to use my code with mono but I'm having a License problem.

 I know that the license is incorpored during the build... so it should work...
I tried my exe on a unlicensed computer and it work, the problem only appear with mono.

Have you ever test this scenario?
Can you test it?
Is it possible to have the license in a external file?

See attached file

Raydenxxx (French)



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The license is embedded into the EXE when you compile the app, however, it could be that the API's for getting the license from the EXE don't work in MONO.

There is a way to pass a license to the chart through code (SetLicenseString method) but for this you need a special license form Software FX. Please contact Software FX support for details on obtaining this license.

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