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SVG in WinForms application

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I'm currently developing a WinForms application using the ChartFX WinForms

control. I've now got a requirement to generate vector graphics output from

the chart. Although we've looked at the WMF output, SVG is looking like a

preferred option. I realise the WinForms control doesn't support SVG, but

the ASP.NET control does. So I have a couple of questions.

If I buy a license for the ASP.NET control, can I use it from a WinForms


If it is possible, I presume the licensing would work like the WinForms

license? i.e. I wouldn't need to buy a license for every machine where the

application is running.

Are the SVG files produced actually vector based rather than bitmaps

embedded in an SVG file?

Thanks in advance.


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Currently, the Windows Form control does not support the Multi-Renderer 

architecture (as does the WebForms control).

I see several options here:

1) Export the chart to a stream and use the WebForms control to export it to

an SVG.

2) Do some custom development that will enable you to integrate SVG to the

Windows Forms control.

The SVG is indeed vector-based, no bitmaps (other than any bitmaps already

in the chart).

In any case, a special re-distribution agreement will be needed as the SVG

Writer is not part of the re-distributable modules, please contact Software

FX Sales about this for licensing options, mention my name and our

conversation and I will follow up on the technical aspect of it.


Francisco Padron


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