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personalization not saving series color or gallery type

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Hi all,

I'd like my users to be able to customize their charts, specifically

personalizing series types (bars/lines/whatever) and series colors. I

expected to be able to do this by setting PersonalizedName to something

unique per chart and setting PersonalizedFlags to AutoLoad and AutoSave as

is disucussed in the ChartFX documentation. However, while this works for

some chart settings (background colors, 3d view, perspective, etc), it does

not work for series colors and gallery types - they always default to their

original (pre-customized) settings.


1. Create new c# winforms project in VS.Net 2003

2. Drop ChartFX control onto form designer (I'm using ChartFX for .Net 6.2


3. Set PersonalizedName to unique string per chart

4. Set PersonalizedFlags to AutoLoad, AutoSave and EnableRestore

5. Run app

6. Customize chart colors, series colors, series gallery types

7. Close app

8. Run app (no rebuild)


Some personalized settings (colors around chart, the chart background, 3d

view, etc) are remembered, but series colors and gallery types return to

what they were when the chart was first dropped on the winforms designer.

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.


Brad Bishop

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Per-Series attributes are NOT included by default as part of the template, 

the reason is that this may cause inconsistencies when a template with less

series is loaded over a chart with more series.

However, if your charts are going to have the same number of series all the

time or if you are ok with these inconsistencies, you can turn on this by

simply doing:

chart1.TemplateMask |= FileMask.Multi;

In your initialization code.


Francisco Padron


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