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RecalcScale() or?

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I have a class that has been instansiated I set these values:

ListProvider lstProvider = new ListProvider(Series);

ThisChart.DataSourceSettings.DataSource = lstProvider;

Series is an arraylist of arraylist of values. This chart paints out nicely.

My question is, if I want to add a value to a serie, what do I have to do

then. I have tried adding a value to an arraylist in Series but nothing

happens (is this possible or do I have do redefine the datasource?) . I have

tried to call RecalcScale but nothing happens.

Any ideas?

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The arrays are copied to the chart, they do NOT remain linked to it.

Any future changes to the original arrays will have NO effect on the chart.

You need to:

a) Add the point directly in the chart using Chart FX's Data API



:) Re-assign DataSource to the modified arrays.



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