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How do I eliminate these steps and make all curves continuous?


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hi Juan.

thanks for your answer.

It is a very large application and difficult to replicate.

This next screen is the same data presented by a previous compilation of the source code.

Note: No source lines for the graphic parts have been changed.

But inexplicably the lines started to appear without interpolation following a zero order holder pattern.

what property controls this?


I tried using this.

chart1.Series.Gallery = Gallery.Lines;



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This sets all series to be painted as lines, even if before in the code you are setting a specific series to be painted as a different gallery

chart1.AllSeries.Gallery = Gallery.Lines;


This sets a specific gallery to be painted as curves, it will overwrite previous assignments to AllSeries.Gallery for this particular series


chart1.Series[someIndex].Gallery = Gallery.Curve;


This means if you want all but one of the series to be painted as Bars and the remaining one as Lines, you should first set AllSeries and then the specific series.



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