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Series count does not match datasource

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I am working with a ChartFX 8 WinForms chart.  I have a series of checkboxes on a screen to allow a user to select columns that they want returned in a query.  As I (or a user) changes the # of columns to be returned, a lot of times the ChartFX control only sees 3 series (when 7 are bound to the control)  I've tried deleting all Series so that when the DataSource is bound, it would re-get the series from the DataTable that I'm binding to it, but that does not work at all.  The Control can not have less than 3 series (programmatically) that I've seen. 


Are there any recommendations to force the control to display the series that are bound to it, or is it just a quirk that I need to either code around and/or rework w/ a different control?



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