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Guest Colin

Hi ChartFX community.


I'm trying to get the device context handle for a chart and appropriately release it as well.  Here is the code I have that isn't working.  I feel that I am close and just need a bit of a nudge to fix it.


                Dim hDeviceC as IntPtr

                Dim hwnd As IntPtr
                hwnd = chart1.Handle
                hDeviceC = Graphics.FromHwnd(hwnd).GetHdc
The error appears on the last line.
I also tried the following, but couldn't find a way to connect "e" to my chart - as denoted by the "missing line"
                Dim e As ChartFX.WinForms.CustomPaintEventArgs
                <MISSING LINE>
                hDeviceC = e.Graphics.GetHdc
Which of these approaches is appropriate? And what am I missing in either case?
Thanks, and kind regards,


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