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Removing/Disabling Gallery Option From Chart

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Ok. To disable the Gallery from all menus, toolbars and dialogs simply do:

chart1.Style &= ~ChartStyle.Gallery;

You can remove the gallery command from the toolbar and from the context

menu by doing:

chart1.ToolBarObj.RemoveAt(6); // Remove from toolbar

chart1.Commands[(int)CommandID.ContextMenuBack].RemoveSubCommand(4); //

Remove from context menu

if you have a customizable toolbar and menus, instead of using fixed indexes

(6 and 4) you can loop through the toolbar and menu until you find


You code:

Chart1.Commands[(int)CommandID.Gallery].Enabled = false;

Doesn't work becuase built-in commands are enabled/disabled automatically

depending on context and certain conditions.

As for the exception, what I need is that you export the chart to a binary

file (using the Export method) right BEFORE you switch galleries (and get

the exception) and post it here.



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