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I'm working with the toolbar and noticed that it doesn't display any

tooltips. The documentation says that ShowTips is only used to control

tooltips for points in the graph and I should instead see the commands

object of the Toolbar. However, I can't find an option there to display the

toolbar tooltips.

Can anyone tell me how to enable the toolbar tooltips?

I'm using build 6.2.1342 or version 1.0.3705.

thank you,


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Toolbar tooltips are displayed by default.

Please create a brand new project, drop a chart in a form, turn on the

toolbar and hover the mouse over it. You should get tooltips. If you don't

please contact our support dept. as may be experiencing a problem that we've

never seen before.

When you contact support make sure you include information about the build

you are using as well as the operating system.



Software FX

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