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Printing zoomed chart x-scale problem

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OK, maybe you can answer this in-between Frances and Ivan? You guys are

getting seriously hit down there!

I originally posted this a month ago, and there's been no reply yet, so I'm


Thanks for all your help,


"J. Hinshaw" <john.hinshaw@serveron.com> wrote in message


> When I zoom into a scatter chart, I have a printing problem. Using the

> provided print dialog from the print command on the toolbar, if I choose

> "All" I get two pages. The first page is the zoomed area, but the second


> an x-axis range far beyond the end of the data. The values on the x axis

> correspond closely to the number of points in the chart, as if ChartFX did

> not apply the x-axis values to this page as for a scatter plot, but rather

> it used the index values of the points themselves.


> For example, a chart with 751 points had x-values from 0.0 to 5.0. I


> into the region from x=0.0 to x=1.8. When I printed "all", I got a first

> page with x-values from 0.0 to 1.8, but the second page ran from 749.20 to

> 750.80


> I created the graph in ver 6.2.1662 as follows.


> With Chart1

> .Gallery = Gallery.Scatter.Lines


> .AxisX.AutoScale = True


> .AxisY.AutoScale = True


> .AxisY.ForceZero = False


> .AxisX.ForceZero = False


> .DataSourceSettings.DataType(0) = DataType.XValue


> .DataSourceSettings.DataType(1) = DataType.Value


> End With


> The data is provided in this way, with Single sXData() and sYData() arrays

> that contain the values


> Dim ChartData As New ArrayList 'holds data, as x and y arrays, for


> ChartData.Add(sXData)


> ChartData.Add(sYData)


> Dim myDataProvider As New SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Data.ListProvider(ChartData)


> Chart1.DataSource = myDataProvider


> Chart1.Refresh()



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