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maps extension - mouse click

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I have a map (maps extension) and added some images with the

annotationPicture and AnnotationObjectsList. I would like to click in the

annotation picture and display some information about the region.

The problem is that when I trap the mousedown event in the map, the X and Y

values are related to the map current scale (which I don't know how to

analyse) so I cannot use map.annotationlist.hittest(x,y). How do I know

which picture was clicked (if any)?

Thank you

Miguel Gon

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Dear Miguel,

You are exactly right.

I do rescale the original SVG to nicely fit your Map Control size.

This logic also works when the DataEditor is on or off making the drawing

area smaller.

On top of this I center the map on the control so as not to make the map

appear only on the Top Left.

There is no way to do what you want currently because of what you say.

I will have to add a new method for you that you provide a coordinate and

then I respond with an AnnotationObject if found.

Is that good enough for you?

Please contact SoftwareFX Support and mention my name Charles and we will

supply you with a hotfix.

support At softwarefx dot com

It might take a day or so. The method is finished but needs to be tested. It

will take a while before the new method makes it into a ServicePack so the

Hotfix is so called "uncharted" territory!

Hope this helps!


"Miguel Gon

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