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Apologies, I pressed the wrong keys and the message was sent without being


I export a chart to a textile with a call to:

chtScan.Export(SoftwareFX.ChartFX.FileFormat.Text, strFilename)

When I view the text file I have created in some text editors it looks okay,

but if I try and import the file to excel, there are a couple of stray

characters before the first point.

If I vew the textfile with a binary editor, it contains a two byte starter

of FF FE, then each byte of the text file is followed by 00, eg the first

line of the text file is (in hex):

FF FE 34 00 30 00 30 00 09 00 30 00 2E

From what I can gather, this is something to do with the data being stored

in little-endian format. Is there any way the text file can be stored as a

plain text file, so that if it is loaded into Excel or some other

application, it does not have the FF FE prefix?


Malcolm Allard

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The Text files in Chart FX are exported in UNICODE format to support any


There is no built-in functionality to save the chart's data in ASCII format

as this will only work in some western languages.

When you read the file in EXCEL simply tell it that it is a UNICODE file not

an ASCII file.



Software FX

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