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> If the chart is an X/Y chart, you don't pass the dates as labels, you pass

> them as X-Values this way they will remain a date, as opposed to a "dumb

> string" and as such can be re-formatted.

Could you show me how to do this in the case where data is being passed in

like this:

Chart.DataStyle |= DataStyle.DatesAsLabels;

Chart.DataSource = table;

where "table" is a DataTable object whose first column has the type


The first line seems to be necessary - if I remove it the x-axis appears to

revert to some kind of default setting.



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You need to take out that line (Chart.DataStyle |= DataStyle.DatesAsLabels)

that's precisely what you don't want.

Instead, simply set the X-Axis format to date.

You should get a chart with dates in the x-axis. If you don't please attach

a screenshot of what you get along with a chart binary file that produced

it. To save the chart to a binary file use the Export method.



Software FX, Inc.

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