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Rotating a chart

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I would like to rotate a chart with two Y-axes, so I have to a top

and bottom X-axis. Trying to emulate it with two X-axes does not

work since a secondary X-axes does not behave like a secondary

Y-axis (X values are always scaled to the main X-axis). Turning

on View3D does not work either, since you can not rotate around the

Z-Axis (why not?).

Best Regards,

Frederik Siegmund

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In the chart component we currently use, we can swap the location of

the X and Y axis, in addition to invert, This is a 90deg rotation.

Basically, I would like to have to X axes and one Y axis. The X

data we pass to the plot has different units, the Y data is in

the same unit.

Sorry, I only have a screenshot of what I want to get.

With chartFX, we tried to assign a secondary X axis to a series.

However, the plot we got did not made sense. We thought about

rotating the plot using GDI rotation...



SoftwareFX Support wrote:

> Rotate how ? Do you mean invert ? Each axis has a property called Inverted

> that can be used to invert the axis.


> Can you please post a screenshot of what you are looking for as opposed to

> what you are getting.


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