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How to: Connect missing data points in line chart

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Hi Everyone,

I believe that this is a fairly straightforward problem that I, until now,

have been solving in a less than straightforward manner.

A little background - I am displaying 2 dimensional data which are

volatilities associated with strike prices for stock options. I'm using a

line chart - each data point is connected to its neighbor by a straight

line. Each line on the chart represents an expiration. For example, I might

have to lines, one for April and one for May. The x-axis represents the

strike prices and the y-axis the volatilities. The problem is that the set

of strikes is not always the same.

For instance, here are some typical x-axis values:

April 10 12.5 15 17.5 20 22.5

May 10 15 17.5 22.5

If I do nothing, the line will be broken. What I have been doing is setting

Chart.Hidden points. In a second pass I find these Chart.Hidden points and

assign them values (a linear interpolation between surrounding points).

My question: since this type of chart already performs a linear

interpolation, is there a way to make it interpolate my missing points? In

other words, is there a way, without all the extra work I've been doing, to

display the 2 example series above so that the seconds series (May) will be

a contiguous line?

Thanks for any help.

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