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Problem for Export/Import binary file

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I am trying to upgrade my project from ChartFX for .Net 6.0 to ChartFX for

.Net 6.2 and got problem to continue the work. My project use the

Export/Import function to export chart binary file and then import into

another program to represent the chart. This mechanism is work fine with

ChartFX for .Net 6.0 but failed after I upgrade to 6.2. Below are the fail

case in my test.

1. Got "Additional information: Specified cast is not valid." error message

when import file (Temp.chd).

2. Got "Additional information: File or assembly name e, or one of its

dependencies, was not found." error message when import file (2.chd).

This is a very serious problem for my project and need SoftwareFX help to

resolve it ASAP.



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I have test it with Win Form control build 6.2.1486.27906 and 6.0.1353.24751

and got the same problem. Finally, I found this problem was caused by the

chart contain incorrect number of X value data and it has resolved by give

correct X value data. So, it should not be a problem if I give correct data

to the chart.



"SoftwareFX Support" <noreply@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> 1) What module of Chart FX are you using (Web Forms Control, Win Forms

> Control ?)


> 2) What version / build number are you using to save these file ?


> 3) Are you reading them with the same version / build ?


> --

> FP

> Software FX



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Dear Jimmy,

It will be very helpful if we can determine the cause of the problem.

I was able to reproduce the crash on my side whit the files you sent me, the

problem is that the bug is not reading the file but that the file is not

constructed correctly.

I you can give us some code that produces this chart it would be great. I

realize this can be difficult for you to isolate but if it is possible it

will help us and other users a great deal.



Software FX

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