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Thank you for the reply.

I have some troubles using InsideBackObject property.

I have the following code:


Bitmap Background= new Bitmap( chart.Width, chart.Height );

//Initializing Background image here.

//Now I use one of the following properties:

//chart.BackgroundImage = Background;

//chart.InsideBackObject = new ImageBackground( Background );

//chart.BackObject = new ImageBackground( Background );


If I use BackgroundImage property it works properly.

If I use InsideBackObject property, I don't see my background image at all.

I see the chart only.

If I use BackObject property, I see both background image and the chart

area, but because of the transparency of my background image I get the

result image (after export to Bitmap) with a black background.

"SoftwareFX Support" <support@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> You must use an ImageBackground object and set it as the chart's back

> object.


> For example:


> ImageBackground imgbk = new ImageBackground(<image file name>);


> chart1.InsideBackObject = imgbk;


> --

> FP

> Software FX, Inc.



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