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Labeling X-Axis Values

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we use the following DataBinding:

(a) m_chartFX.DataSourceSettings.DataType[0] =


(B) m_chartFX.DataSourceSettings.DataType[1] =


© m_chartFX.DataSourceSettings.DataType[2] =


(d) m_chartFX.DataSourceSettings.DataType[3] =


How is it possible in Chart FX for .NET to display the entries from (d)

synchronously as labels with the x-values from (a)? When we use the data

from (a) for its own (also set: m_chartFX.DataSourceSettings.DataType[3] =

SoftwareFX.ChartFX.DataType.NotUsed; ) it works fine. But we want to chart

values in relation with timestamps. Especially on daylight-saving time when

the x-values goes from 02:00 to 03:00 we want to label it with twice the

label “02:00”. In a sequence the labels should look like: 01:00 … 02:00 …

02:00 … 03:00 … but synchronously to its values in (a).

Any suggestions?

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