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Statistics Extension: Is there any way to use Statistics Ext. with RealTime Graph.( On ChartFX For .NET 6.2) ?

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Hello from Agilent,

1. Test case is to use and display HISTOGRAM for a Real Time Graph.

2. The ChartFx Statistics component provide this functionality, but the as

the enclosed example (with the component) exbhit,it is for analyzing an

offline/static set of data.

3. To accomplish the task to display or to use the Histograph in real time,

we need to be aware of a mechanism where we can supply real time data to the

component, and the component in turn can provide analysis displayed

4. Please provide us with anyone (all of them will be a big help..........)

of the mentioned:

a. A demo code which can expose all the required mechanism to accomplish

the mentioned

b. A document to explain the required interfaces to the component

c. Directions where we can find more advanced information


Rakesh kumar


Agilent technology International

/*************Example Given for Statistics Component *******************/

// Create the Statistics extension

// If the extension is created at design-time you don't need to create it


Statistics statistics1 = new Statistics();

statistics1.Chart = chart1;

//Populating the Chart with random data


int j;

Random rnd = new Random();

double d1 = rnd.Next(100)+100;

double d2 = rnd.Next(100);

double d3 = rnd.Next(10);

for (j = 0; j < 100; j++)


int nSpecial = rnd.Next(40);

if (nSpecial == 1)

chart1.Value[0,j] = 200 + rnd.Next(100);


if (nSpecial == 2)

chart1.Value[0,j] = rnd.Next(100);


chart1.Value[0,j] = 100 + ((Math.Sin(((j*10+d2))/d1) +




chart1.GalleryObj = statistics1.Gallery.Histogram;

statistics1.Gallery.Histogram.LimitLeft = 6;

statistics1.Gallery.Histogram.LimitRight = 14;


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