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multiple x-axis scrolling issue


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Hi, we have been using variants of chartfx for 10 years and are now migrating to chartfx 7 on our .net client app. Here's the issue.

- All series are loaded prior to setting up the axis's with true data.y and data.x values. 

- True multiple x-axis's (not just different labels as in many of your samples and questions). Could be today vs yesterday or today vs last year. For each unique x-axis a new x axis is created. 

                            'setup and assign to new x axis for each year run

                            laxisX = New ChartFX.WinForms.AxisX

                            laxisX.AutoScroll = True

                            'laxisX.Visible = False ' NEEDS TO BE VISIBLE TO LINE UP STEPS???????!!!!!!

                            laxisX.Min = mdXSeriesMinDate(liSeries).ToOADate

                            laxisX.Max = mdXSeriesMaxDate(liSeries).ToOADate

                            laxisX.Position = ChartFX.WinForms.AxisPosition.Near


- We manipulate the labels through the GetAxisLabels event on the chart. No problems there. 

- The chart is fine, until you want to add scrollbars, then you're in trouble.

- On previous versions (6.2, etc) we set PixelsPerUnit to induce scrolling behavior, set the new x axis to be NOT visible and it worked fine. 

- On chartfx 7, when you set the new x axis to NOT be visible, and use SetScrollView to include scrolling ; the multiple x axis's will no longer line up, even though the STEP setting is the same! In addition, the data for the visible x-axis will scroll and the secondary x axis's points will not scroll.

- Then, if you make the secondary x-axis's VISIBLE you get another scroll bar and the STEPS line up. Yes, we can syncronize the scrolling behaviour, but there is no way to get rid of the secondary scroll bar.

 Any advice you have would be appreciated. 



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