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Run Time License in publishing dll(including chartfx.dll) via IIS service.


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Hello. I'm recently having this problem I can't find why.

 First, we purchased Winform license for ChartFX 6.2.

Our product makes many winform(dll) by using ChartFX components.

Of course, we can see the chart in this winform and also the license key is properly inserted into licenses.licx,

But, the thing is,

Client pc can't see the winform which has a chart in it.

 The error message comes up "Couldn't get run time license for ..."

I called support team in Korea ( here is Korea) and they keep saying that "Please test it with executable files" 

We don't have executable files in our product(dll only).

We make winform with ChartFX as dll and publish this dll through IIS service.

I have seen many issues which is answered as "Executable files with license can be published ".

But what about dll? and publishing dll through IIS service?

Is there any known solution for this issue?

 And is Winform license valid for IIS publication?

Your answer would be highly appreciated.

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Hello yjchris.jung:

Please note that Chart FX can only add the license information to executable assemblies. If you are wrapping the chart control, please note that the license will not be automatically embedded in your own class library (dll) and an error message ("Could not get Run Time License") will be displayed when trying to deploy to a machine without a Chart FX installation. Please take a look at the following article, which explains the available options for this scenario:


I hope this helps.

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