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Drill-Down problem


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I have a question, my company has in network planning is divided into two domain (DA1 / DA2).
DA1 Proxy Server link through the Internet, but not on DA2, DA2 is a closed network.
We have developed a web page can be displayed through the Chart FX 7 to Line chart. DA1 can be displayed in the normal and can Drill-Down (either with one or another page Chart diagram), but the same page on DA2 is not ground, can display Chart view, but it can not Drill-Down. Have tried to transfer too Trust Site and enhance True Level, but it will not work. Will I still did not pay attention to it there?

Computer environments:
Windows 2003 SP1/SP2
IE 7

Thank you
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Hi Sir,


Let me sort out my problem,

create a web page then initial Chart Object. And set the url string in point
object. sample as below


Environment :

OS :
Windows 2008 64bit SP2

: IE8

Framework 4.0

Studio 2010 C#


Chart1.RenderFormat = ".NET";


y].Link.Url =

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What I meant is that I believe this has nothing to do with the chart. Please try the markup below on your server (replace http://localhost/xxx with the real link). Let me know what happens.


  <img src="http://community.softwarefx.com/utility/anonymous.gif" usemap="#imgmap">

    <map name="imgmap">

      <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,50,50" href="http://localhost/xxx" alt="My Link">


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