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Chart is not rendering image


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Good day,

A brief background. 

I have installed a development version of ChartFX on my PC. I have encountered an error with authentications using asp.net. When user is not logged in the chart renders successfully but when there's a user logged in the chart didn't render.

I fixed the issue by using a unique Machine Key on my Web Config and on the web config of PSS folder. And it solved the problem.

Next we installed a Test Version of Chart FX on a server (Windows server 2008, IIS7). And it successfully run without having any issue on authenticatiions. The chart also renders even if the user is logged in or not. 


Now this is the main problem.

When we installed a Production Version on another server (Windows server 2008, IIS7). The chart didn't render anything even if the user is logged in or not.

I've tried using the fix I used on development version, but it didn't solve anything.

The error is "500 - Internal Server Error" 

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