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Chart fx 7 - X Axis proportional spacing of values


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we are using bar chart of chart fx 7 and how do we achieve proportional spacing of values in the x axis.

For Ex: if our values are 1,2,20 and 45 in x axis then we dont want the same spacing. Distance between 1 and 2 should be lesser than distance between 2 and 20 and so on for 20 and 45.

Please let us know how to do this.





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Hi Arjun,

You need to give each point an X value. Like so:


chart1.Data.X[0, 0] = 1;

chart1.Data.X[0, 1] = 2;

chart1.Data.X[0, 2] = 20;

chart1.Data.X[0, 3] = 45;

chart1.Data.Y[0, 0] = myValue;

chart1.Data.Y[0, 1] = myValue;

chart1.Data.Y[0, 2] = myValue;

chart1.Data.Y[0, 3] = myValue;

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Hi Andre

Thanks for your reply . I did try giving x value , but what happened was the

Data in the x axid started getting plotted proportionally

But the labels for the same along the x axis never moved

Proportionally . For ex : if x axis labels were 1m, 2m, 5m,10m

Pointing to data 1,2,5 and 10 along the x axis , after setting x value

What happened was the spacing between data 1 and 2 was different from spacing between

Data 2 and 5 and 5 and 10 which is what I expected .

But the corresponding labels 1m,2m,5m and 10m didn't have proportional

Spacing and they still remained in their old position .

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but not quite clear.

I understand that setting x value adjusts the spacing

Between data but along with that does it automatically

Take care of adjusting spacing between labels as well which are corresponding

To this data ? We use a data table as the data source

And we use the chart fx .net API method data source

Settings.fields , create a field map and set one column in datatable as x value and other column

For x axis as label and three columns of datatable as values for the three series ( 2 line and 1 bar)

Please help with this .

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