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Coordinates of the plotarea


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I have been trying to find coordinates of plot area of the chart. Plot area I mean is the exact point where the Axes starts ( i am using only one Axis). The margins of the plotarea element of Chart do not seem to properly address my requirement because I believe it includes the spacing for Axis labels also.

if I can get coordinates of any one of four corners then I can calculate others. I would be very thankful if somebody can help me get this?

I have attached a figure to make my question more clear.

Thank You

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 If you want to draw something "on top" of the plotarea, you can use the annotation extension, using this extension you can create any WPF Visuals (Rectangle, Polygon, etc.) as well as other controls (Other chart, Button, etc.) and attach it to an axis-related coordinate, e.g. the top left corner would be X = 0 and Y = MaxYValue

Does this help?


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Hi Jaun,

Thank You for your quick reply. I did what you suggested, but I have a requirement of sliding the control for a range selection within chart. I have been able to slide it but when chart is loaded with data, the sliding of control become little sluggish than I would have liked.

I wanted to decouple the sliding of control from the amount of data the chart is loaded with.

Thank You

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