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Dynamic Data Series Binding to Chart in MVVM


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Does anyone know if there is a chart property or coding pattern that would allow for a dynamically changing collection of datasets to be properly bound and plotted on a chart in an MVVM pattern.  Im guessing that individual data sets can be bound if the number of data sets is known beforehand.  Unfortunately my number of plots will be determined at run time.  I tried binding to the charts ItemSource property but that only made a single point for each series in the source, not a separate series.

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In relation to my question above is it possible to bind to the Series property of a chart with a SeriesAtrributesCollection and properly display the data.  I'm not sure if it implements something like INotifyCollectionChanged or INotifyPropertyChanged like an ObsetrvableCollection would in order for it to dynamically change and update when data sets are added to it.

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