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Problem with min/max on XAxis vs YXAxis

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My dataset contains a two column table. The first column is longitued with value between -74.07518529 and -74.06532017.

The second column is amplitude with values between 83.00 and 130.00.

In the form load event I have the following code,


chart1.Gallery = SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Gallery.Scatter;

chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataType[0] = SoftwareFX.ChartFX.DataType.XValue;

chart1.DataSourceSettings.DataType[1] = SoftwareFX.ChargFX.DataType.Value;

chart1.DataSource = dataSet11.Tables[0];

This displays as it should but with the Y min starting at 0.

If I use the designer to change the min/max of the Yaxis auto to 83/130 then all the values pile up on the Y axis ie the left side of the graph.

What is going on?


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