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Data Binding support for MVVM


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DataBinding is supported on some but not all of the properties of the chart. The reason for this is that for a property to support binding it has to be a DependencyProperty which has a performance/memory/implementation cost.

Unfortunately I don't think we have a list of which properties are DPs but in each class, if you see a static property with the same name as the property + "Property" it will mean it is a DP, e.g. ChartFX.WPF.Chart.GalleryProperty implies Gallery is a DP of the Chart class.

Most axis properties are in fact DPs if you are having problems, please try to create a simplified sample where the you can show the unexpected behavior and post the sample. This will allow us to fix any issues or point out alternatives.

Note that most collections are not DPs, e.g. the ConditionalAttributes collection of the Chart class is not a DP, this is similar to most WPF built-in controls, for example the ColumnDefinitions property of the Grid class is not a DP.



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AxisX ="{Binding Path=AxisXControl}" AxisY="{Binding Path=AxisYControl}"

is the binding I tried.  Then ahveing properties in the viewmodel of:

ChartFX.WPF.Axis AxisXControl { get; set; }

ChartFX.WPF.Axis AxisYControl { get; set; }

and finally trying to set them as so:

AxisXControl.Max = Convert.ToDouble(GraphViewModel.Xmax);


AxisXControl.Min = Convert.ToDouble(GraphViewModel.Xmin);


AxisYControl.Max = Convert.ToDouble(GraphViewModel.Ymax);


AxisYControl.Min = Convert.ToDouble(GraphViewModel.Ymin);

Afterwhich nothing happens to the min and max of the X and Y axes on the graph.

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