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ChartFX suddenly moving in front of objects


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Hello there. I recently moved a web application from an old Windows Server 2003 environment to a Server 2008 environment. This .NET application uses ChartFX.

Previously, the chart would display behind our custom pop-up windows just fine. However, since moving to the new environment, the chart is now displaying in front of our popups/modal windows. It's almost like the Z-Index was changed, except ChartFX doesn't use a Z-Index.

This is causing issues, as users cannot see a progress bar anymore and can't click a Cancel button. I've read some other threads such as this that describe this as an internet browser issue; however, ChartFX worked just fine in the same browser until we changed the app environment. So obviously there's more to the story here than the browser.

How can I get ChartFX to stop moving in front of other objects? Why did this happen when I changed the app environments? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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