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Internet Explorer Chart - Web Error 403 - Forbidden - Only on certain machine??!


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Hi guys,

Not too well versed in this software, however safe to say we have a very bizzarre issue with a certain machine!

We have several servers that use the charts software, and we can access them fine. However, one clients machine has a particularly weird issue with one site. It refuses to load charts on this particular site, and spits back error 403 forbidden in the Internet Explorer browser only. Firefox for example, absolutely fine. Site is also trusted.

It definitely has to be something to do with IE somewhere along the lines on this computer but i'll be damned if I know what!

Any ideas what could be up to mischief here guys? I'd be interested to know what it relies on to work. From what I understand it was just the dotnet framework.

Many thanks for your help.

Things I've tried:

Full browser reset

Full clean of machine with Ccleaner , registry cleanup/temp file removal)

System restores

IE 64 bit

(OS is Windows 7 64 bit)

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