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Chart does not show up until after refreshing the webpage


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I have a page with multiple links to another page which has a chartfx chart displaying results based on which link in the original page you click on.

On the final page I have a code snippet (as part of the aspx page and within server tags) that successfully creates a scatter chart and saves it to a folder on my server. After which I display the chart on the page using

Response.Write(ChartFX1.GetHtmlTag(660, 440, "Image"))

However, the chart does not show up and instead I get the usual behavior when the image you are trying to display does not exist (red X). But afther refreshing the same page, the chart shows up just fine.

The behavior is somewhat inconsistent as well because after the page is refreshed once, All the links in the original page produce good charts on the landing page.

This almost seems as if there is not enough time between when the chart is created and when the page is rendered and after the first time the dll is accessed, some sort of caching prevents the mishap.

Any help is appreciated.

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