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Separator in context menu and No picture with menu in the context menu.

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I want to put separator(line) inbetween two menus in the context menu. I

searched enough in the help provided by chartFX. But I did not get any

information. Please tell me, how can i put a line inbetween the menus in the

context menu

And also, in the context menu, each menu item is associated with

image(Picture). I do not need this image with menu. I did not set picture

property and also set Style property to showtextonly. Still I am getting

menu with some default picture. Please tell me how can i display a menu with

out image in the context menu.



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The Separator is added as any other command. The ID of the separator is -1.

For example:

Command command = chart1.Commands[(int)CommandID.ContextMenuBack];


command.SubCommandID[2] = -1;

The following code adds a Custom Command WITHOUT a picture:


Command command = chart1.Commands[1];

command.Text = "MY Command";

command.Picture = -1;



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