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(Urgent) Real Mode graph!

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Hi ,

I am using ChartFX.NET.WINFORMS to display data in real mode. The data for

the realtime graph is coming from an istrument have Timestamp(Milleseconds)

and value. I am reading the instrument's memory for the data which needs to

be plotted on the graph. I have already tried the AddPoint mechanism

explained by you people , but unforunately its not matching to my

requirement. Because the time interval of the data is not consistent. In

AddPoint Mechanism I don't have any control over X-Axis to compress and

expand its unit /divison.

Is there any way in Chart FX , in which we can plot graph in real mode and

provide value to chart in the form of X and Y value, and chart itself find

out where to add this point on the basis of its X-Value.

And any point of time I can change the X-Axis division from millesecond /div

to sec/divison or hour/division without repostiong the whole data again.




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Yes. You need you supply both X and Y values, in other words you do:

chart.OpenData(COD.Values | COD.AddPoints, 1,1);

chart.OpenData(COD.XValues | COD.AddPoints, 1,1);

chart.Value[0,0] = <y value>;

chart.XValue[0,0] = <X value (time)>;



Note: Since you are ussing X-Values, you can not use the EvenSpacing (as

used in the sample).



Software FX, Inc.

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