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Statistics Extension: Histogram bar, data plotted in the chart not always correct.


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Hello from Suresh,

I am facing a problem with plotting the runtime data in Histogram chart. The data plotted in the chart not always correct. Followings are the flow which I have done to achive the histogram for run time data.

1. Update the Gallery type as Histogram for Statistics Extension.

2. Assign the runtime datatable to datasource property of the chart.

3, For DataMax and DataMin for Histogram I am deriving the value by calculating the LCL andUCL value of incoming data.

Histogram.DataMin = (Mean- (3*StandardDeviation));  //LCL value.

Histogram.DataMax = (Mean +(3*StandardDeviation)); //UCL value

The problem is,  say suppose if we have the following data in the table {28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,28,25}

LCL value for the above data is ~26 , so I am loosing the value 25 in the plotted chart, since Min value is 26 for the chart.

And some time the Bar which is plotting on the wrong value. What could be the issue?. Whether I have to do any other settings to acheive the correct chart.

How do I set DataMin and DataMax to Histogram for runtime data ?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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