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problem on setting temp directory on linux


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I used ChartFx Server for Java 7 on my current project.

we changed the charfx temp directory in ChartFX.WebForms.config file.

On windows XP / tomcat 6  the config file modified like the following:

 <CfxIESettings>   <Absolute>D:/project/xxx/workdir</Absolute>  <AxCompat>True</AxCompat>  <RequiredRoot>/webtemp</RequiredRoot>  <DefaultHandler>ChartFX.WebForms.Internal.OutputFileHandler,ChartFX.WebForms</DefaultHandler></CfxIESettings>


It works fine. Chartfx created temp files on D:/project/xxx/workdir/webtemp/chartfx70/temp directory.

  But when we run our application on Linux server after modified <Absolute> to a linux directory:

<CfxIESettings>   <Absolute>/service/workdir</Absolute>   <AxCompat>True</AxCompat>   <RequiredRoot>/webtemp</RequiredRoot>   <DefaultHandler>ChartFX.WebForms.Internal.OutputFileHandler,ChartFX.WebForms</DefaultHandler></CfxIESettings>

ChartFX tried to create temp files on /opt/jboss/tomcat/webapps/xxx/webtemp/chartfx70/temp/ directory,

/opt/jboss/tomcat/ is  tomcat installation directory and we put our web application war file in tomcat's

webapps folder.

 So how can I set <Absolute> path  for a linux directory? Is there any differences between Windows and linux

 enviroment on parsing  ChartFX.WebForms.config.


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